How I style

If you had a chance to read "My Staples" page, it explains the basics of my closet.

Now, here are some ideas on styling these basics.

-Starting with a basic striped tee:

Let's say you have this great plain blouse. Then what? Start pairing with the different colors. What I did here was include a mustard cardigan. Then add accessories and you'll be stylin!

Big Buddha, Surface to Air, Kenneth Jay Lane

Starting with a plain gray t-shirt you can build all this together:

Basically the solid pieces mixed with the patterned pieces magically come together with some matching accessories. It's like E= MC2, except in fashion terms.

The trick to to buy things that ONLY work with AT LEAST 5 other pieces in your closet. It's ok to buy stand-alone statement pieces from time to time, but remember, it's all about saving $, maximizing use, and saving closet space.

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