My Staples/ My Style

One random day I was watching Glee and fell in love with Emma Pillsbury's style- mostly the colors she wore.  At the time I had a closet full of basic black, gray, white, and brown clothing.  From then on I was on a mission to build more color into my wardrobe.  That was the first step...

Although Emma was my inspiration, I have no plans to dress exactly like her, nor is that the goal for my blog.  Sorry, this will not be a "dress like Emma," blog.  :)

Second, I wanted to learn how to end the "I have nothing to wear" fight with my closet.
After years of having two wardrobes- one for work and one for fun, I decided to make an EFFORT in creating a single wardrobe. 

Below are some of the staples that have worked for me- and maybe it will work for you too.  They've helped bridge my old closet with my current one.

Urban Outfitters Opaque Tights

I had an epiphany one day while cruising fashion blogs: skirts can be worn year-round.  Maybe the San Diego girl in me just didn't know skirts could be paired with tights in the winter, duh!  So I tried over 20 different pairs of tights to meet these criteria:  comfortable (no crotch bunching, waist pinching), flattering (no muffin top, pooch maker), and durable (wash and dry safe*).

Urban Outfitter Opaque Tights ($12 or 2 for $20) came out on top.  There are way more options IN-STORE compare to online.  They might not work for you, but I love 'em. 

*remember I hate doing laundry, so the simpler the care instructions, the better.

Sweaters & Cardigans (of all shades and colors)
- I have a love for neutral to bright cardigans.  They are a must-have in my closet to layer over a plain dress for work or a casual tee for the weekend.  I can always count on my trusty collection of cardigans. 

Where I get my cardigans:  Norstrom, Forever21, Ann Taylor LOFT, Urban Outfitters, JCrew, GAP
I refuse to pay more than $40, but that's up to you.

*TIP: If you're like me, I washed my sweaters because they were stretched-out.  Keep colors bright by throwing a stretched-out cardigan into the dryer (inside out) with a washed load of dark (or light) clothes.  Why wash unless it's dirty?  Avoiding excess washing will lengthen the life and color of your sweaters, while the steam and fabric softner will give it a pick me up.  Or of course, dry cleaning is always an option, but not as practical.

Solid Blouses/ Tops
- For years I was attracted to patterned tops.  Why?  I thought they were cute and didn't require much accesorizing.  Little did I know, I was limiting myself to wearing that patterned top with at most, 2 other items in my closet.  I decided to make the switch to owning mostly solids.  You will learn why later.

Matching shoes and accessories/ belts:
- Prior to blogging, I did not own a single pair of colorful shoes.  Except for the occasional pair of bridesmaid shoes.  I quickly realized the potential in pairing colorful accessories:

Of course this includes my obsession with brooches!

Stripes, Dots, and Tweed
What do these have in common?  They are timeless.  For that exact reason, have a ton of stripes, dots, and tweed in my closet.  And I wear all the pieces with almost everything!  Maybe for you it is animal prints, wool, cashmere, etc.  Whatever you think will last more than 7 years in your closet, go with it!

Then some magic happens and here's what you get.

Check back for more of my I discover what they are :)


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