Loving Thrifting!

I'm sure I just broke some law of English by using two "ings" back to back.  But I had to...it's the only way to express my new found love of thrifting!

Have I ever bought anything from a thrift/ second hand store prior to starting this blog?
- Sadly, the answer is no.

But the good news is I have sooooo much to discover and share with you here.  This past weekend I made stops at Goodwill and neighborhood thrift/consignment stores.  I am more than excited to share some of the great finds here.

These tops were just waiting for me to take them home.  
Magenta blouse: $6
Navy polka dot blouse: $7

I love, love, love the various scarves I found and can't wait to incorporate these into my wardrobe.
Scarves: $4-$8 each

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I saw this skirt just last year at Anthropologie and here it is!  I'm not sure if it came with a belt, but that's A-OK with me, because I love incorporating my own belts.
Odille A-Line skirt: $16

 How in the world was I (a first time thrifter) lucky enough to find a Burberry Trench?  I have no idea, nor do I want to question my luck.

Burberry Trench: $97

 It even comes with a removable wool liner:

Purchasing classic/timeless pieces is a goal of mine.  I think I did well with this navy skirt.
Ralph Lauren Wool Skirt: $10

This gorgeous french blue babe was just screaming my name.  Can you imagine pairing it with some crisp whites and neutrals?
High-waist vintage straight skirt: $12
Naturally, all the above will get dry cleaned and undergo some "nip/tuck" (alterations).  When they return, I will post some pics here!

Brought to you by Beso.com


  1. That magenta blouse & navy polka dot blouse are AMAZING!!!! Good find ;-)


  2. THanks! I will keep sharing my thrift finds here!

  3. i am aghast at your incredible finds! i love each one of them. you have a gift. i'll def be back.



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