Adding to my Lust List: YSL Arty ring and eBay Lookalikes

I'm updating my Lust List to include this YSL Arty Ring with a Golden Stone.  This ring has looked fab on so many bloggers such as From Head to Toe,  Wendy's Lookbook, and Really Petite (click links to see the ring).  

Since I'm big on mixing metals, I thought this would be the perfect combo- gunmetal with a gold stone.  I know what folks love most about the Arty is the pop of color, but this one is really what I'm coveting.

Priced at $250, it's gotta be something I'm super in love with.  And at this moment, I'm not absolutely head over heels.  A search on eBay will turn up lots of duplicates at a fraction of the price.  I'm almost thinking I will buy one of these to take on a test drive- to see if the real thing will suit my taste.

YSL Arty $250 

$45 sold by Fashiondiggers

$0.99 starting bid by NoPartyPoopers

$25 by flygrl_1

I know the lookalikes are pretty poor representations of the real thing.  

Do you think it's a good idea to buy a cheapy prior to the real deal?
A cheapy sure looks great on her and her!


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