Sponsor Appreciation: Anthropologie Stormy Seas Lookalike from Eclectic Ornaments



 I would like to send a huge thanks to Rae at Eclectic Ornaments for sponsoring Granola2Glam.  One of my top search words is "Antropologie Stormy Seas," because like me, we all love this necklace but it's really hard to find.  Thanks to Rae, we can custom chose our very own Stormy Seas Lookalike.

Eclectic Ornaments, Etsy

I'm very excited to announce EO Jewelry will be hosting a giveaway next month for G2G readers.  Look out for an upcoming announcement!

T-shirt: JCrew
Cardi:  Forever 21 (similar)
Jeggings:  Target, Mossimo (similar)
Necklace: Eclectic Ornaments 
Shoes: Hautelook


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