Awareness and Update

Some of the things I admire about my mom include her free spirit, her ability to really not sweat the small stuff and continual optimism through the toughest times.  She was always happy...from the inside out.  Her laugh was contagious and she was always glowing with joy.  Her childlike spirit was endearing and captured the hearts of all her closest friends.  All 10,000+ of them because she had the talent of making friends with anyone and everyone.  

I miss her.  A lot.

And because we lost her recently to Esophageal Cancer, I will utilize all channels to spread the word regarding Esophageal Cancer.  

It is America's fastest growing cancer (400% increase in 20 years) and second deadliest
Every 35 minutes someone in America dies of EC
EC is one of the fastest increasing cancer diagnosis in the U.S
Fewer than 1 in 5 people diagnosed with EC will survive 5 years
The fastest increasing type of EC in western world is caused by Heartburn

 Make sure you and your loved ones are aware of the symptoms.  My mom had trouble swallowing for about 6 weeks before taking action.  It really is an awful disease and can go undetected until later stages where the prognosis is disheartening.

As tough as these past few months have been, I find comfort in knowing she is no longer suffering and has escaped her sickened body.  She didn't smoke, was an occasional drinker, and was taken from us way too early at the age of 57.  Please help spread the word-- it could save a life.

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