Stroll on a Rainy Day

I read today that Coach is bringing back some classics from the 70's. Of course this was after I picked out my thrifted look-alike bag ($8). I think my look-alike looks just like the Coach original, right? (this is when you nod) The leather is buttery-soft and there is zero sign of wear.

Remember how I'm trying to wear more olive? Well, here's another attempt. It was a perfect outfit to wear on or stroll to lunch. Glad I wore my stretchy belt because we ate too much :)

SHOP: Top (similar): UO/ Jeans: H&M/Purse (similar): Thrifted/ Belt (similar): UO/ Sweater (similar): Target/ Boots (similar)

1 comment:

  1. I love little cross body bags like the one you are wearing!



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