Strolling through a local boutique this Burberry scarf caught my eye.  I relunctantly peeked at the price tag which read, "$20.00."  My eyes played tricks on me because there was at least one zero missing or a decimal point out of place.  Well, it turns out in fact this is a Fauxberry scarf and came in two shades- I bought the lighter of the two.  I unwrapped my new $20 scarf to find it was a size of a blanket- not kidding.  Since the ends were unfinished, I cut it in half and now I have two Fauxberry scarves.  Which makes each of them $10.

What a joyous day it was.

OUTFIT:  This entire outfit is made of discount items.  The skirt and chambray top are from Ann Taylor Factory.  The shoes from Target.  And my Longchamp handbag is from the Paris airport which only cost me $67 USD for the Le Pilage Shopping tote, regulary $145 in the homeland. 

SHOP:  Top LOFT (similar)  /   scarf Fauxberry (similar)  /  skirt Ann Taylor Factory (similar)  /  Shoes Target (similar)  /  handbag Longchamp  /  belt GAP Factory (similar)

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