My first LV

Love my new (and first LV bag) Speedy B 30 purchased at the Paris flagship store.  I headed to the Mothership, er, I mean Flagship store after learning that LV bags cost less in Paris and I was eligible for a 12% VAT refund!  With the sales tax rate of over 10% at my local LV, how could I pass up the opportunity?

What sold me was the versatility of this bag-- the strap can be adjusted for crossbody (which I love when schlepping crap around the airport), shoulder length, or classic Speedy-style.

Another cool product  I learned from the fab PurseBlog is this Speedy Shaper by Hippiegal.  It adds a bit of weight to the bag, but the extra pockets and added shape make it worthwhile.  Here she is!

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