Missoni for Target Sweater Coat

I'm blogging on the road again.  Did everyone have a great Christmas?  We are visiting Mr. Granola's parents and catching up on some much needed rest.  It's been a great time hanging with my wonderful in-laws and reminds me how hectic of a life we live at home.

I thought I would like this coat more than I do. Target calls it a "Sweater Coat" and it was hard to imagine what that might be when shopping online.  Well, turns out, it's exactly that....not quite a sweater and not quite a coat.  And now I know I want my coats to be a coat and sweaters to be a sweater-- not a hybrid.  Oh well.  I like it enough to keep it. But because I like more structured coats, I don't really appreciate the slouchy/casual look of it.

Sweater Coat: Target for Missoni
Jeans: Joe's via NM Outlet
Pumps: UO
Bag: LV Duomo via eBay
Top: Hautelook

*blog posted via mobile device- links to be updated later.

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