Sin City= Burberry Boots

Mr. Granola and I headed to Las Vegas to getaway from our hectic and stressful life.  It's very easy to get in trouble in Vegas...for me, it's not gambling or partying.  It's the shopping.  It's everywhere and I haven't shopped in a real store in so long.

It felt great to "stroll" by stores rather than "click" through them.  These yummy boots caught my eye, but I avoided trying them on because of the lack of luggage space.

 I thought, I will try them on to find out which size I am, then head online to buy them.  I was shocked to discover how lightweight and flexible these rainboots were, plus I could maybe pair them with this scarf or this coat.

They made my Aldo pair at home feel like cement casts.  I fell in love and the saleslady offered me free shipping.  End of my love story :)



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