Anne Klein Black Dress with Thrifted Scarf and Colored Tights

I took a huge leap in incorporating colored tights into a business outfit.  Audrey made a very valid point the other day, which I agree with .  It's a funny when your blogging world meets reality.  Meaning, colored tights are all the rave in the blogging world and seem even normal, but the real world might not be such a fan.  

For readers that have blogs- are there things you have worn to work that get a funny reaction from others?  I remember wearing my first bold flower brooch to a conference and an old colleague I ran into asked if that was part of my uniform.  Funny people.

I literally only had a few minutes to take pictures today so a few details were overlooked.  I won't point them out since I walked all over town without caring.

SHOP:   dress Anne Klein (similar)   /   tights UO (my fave)   /   scarf thrifted (similar)   /   belt JCrew   /   pumps Soft via Nordstrom (similar)   /   Cardi Jeremy's


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