Chambray Top with Leopard Pumps

To me, chambray and leopard are polar opposites.  Like a dirty martini and beer.  Or a porcupine and teddy bear.  I think you get the point. 

Anyway...this will probably be the last showcase of this chambray shirt.  I keep telling my dryer to stop shrinking stuff, because that's the only explanation for my clothes becoming too tight ;-)  I've really got to learn to buy cotton shirts a size larger (or stop eating brownies).

I spent yesterday out of the home office visiting with clients and meeting my colleagues.  Throughout the day my bangs kept brushing against my eyes, which drove me bonkers.  Plus I find it annoying when girls play with their hair- so I was a walking pet peeve.  

What was the first thing I did when I got home last night?  I went Edward Scissorhands on my bangs!  Oh yea, and they turned out awful, hence the headback holding them back in today's pics.  I think after a week or so they will look a less like a butchered shrub.  We'll see.  Otherwise, I'll be making another walk-of-shame trip to my hair dresser.  Eeeek.

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