My New Travel Bag: 1995 Louis Vuitton Flanerie 45

Thanks for excusing my craptastic "mobile" pics.
 I'm in the Midwest for a few days this week.  I really do love it out here.  The people are so nice and the change in weather is pretty fun.  Plus they have cheeses and beers I can't get get out in CA.
I found my holy grail travel bag from eBay, the Louis Vuitton Flanerie 45 made in 1995 from seller "bebeebeee" based in Hong Kong.  I love the long straps, generous enterior, and how lightweight this bag is.  My Longchamp Le Pilage tote is wearing through on all four corners, so I'm glad I found a more trusty replacement within my budget.  It's in extremely pristine shape for being 17 years old.  I'm so grateful the previous owner gave it up for adoption :)

Top Loft 
Jeans Joe's
Cowl Loft
Bag LV, eBay 

*mobile post 

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