Target Sweater With Mango Burgundy Denim

Who decided jeans should be blue, anyway?  I am loving the color denim trend this spring and just can't get enough!  I bought these Mango cropped denim pants at the least likely of places- SFO Airport!  They were half off, bringing them to just $25.  I shoved these and their tan twins into my carry-on and the 3 of us lived happily ever after.

Both my tops are from Target.  The sweater rang up at $8 so I was pretty thrilled.  I decided to do a little "under-tuck" so my very wrinkled gingham Target blouse could poke out the bottom.  If you haven't noticed, I don't iron.  So if something is wrinkled I just dress it down to make it casual.  Fancy trick, huh?

SHOP:   pants Mango (similar)   /   sweater (similar) and blouse (similar) Target   /    shoes Steven    /   bag Chanel  

Ends 12midnight 02/24/12


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