Business Comfort w/ J.Crew

There are some rules for a traveling sales associate.  Be on time and wear business comfort.  It's a dress code I've come up with for my line of work where I spend countless hours in the car and/or plane.  Living in California has it's perks in the business world-- I can get away most days without  wearing a suit when visiting customers, which really broadens my dress code options.  

Made of wool, this J.Crew skirt is called a "mini" but I  intentionally bought it a size too big and got the hem taken out 2 inches to take advantage of the extra 40% off sale.  For work I really don't accessorize.  It's a very conservative industry and the less flash the better.  At most I might wear a bracelet and/or earrings.  How much do you accessorize for work?

SHOP:  belt, top and skirt J.Crew   |   shoes Tory Burch   |   cardigan (similar) Jeremy's


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