Crossbody Bag Search and Reveal

Hi Friends!
Long time no post. I can only blame it on our recent move and the inability to find anything. Once I find my tripod, there will be some new outfit posts. Whenever that is...

I've been on the search for a smaller crossbody bag for awhile now. Initially, I was interested in the LV Saumur 30, but wasn't too fond of getting another monogram print crossbody bag (the Speedy B is too similar). It is a very functional and practical bag, and maybe if it ever comes out in Damier Ebene I will reconsider.
Photo c/o fmasarovic

The Chanel Half Moon WOC seems like the perfect bag. I was trying to stay away from black and almost all the pre-owned options I found within my budget were black. So I eventually just gave up after a year or so. I could have bought a metallic one in new condition, but the frugal gal in me just couldn't pull the trigger.

Photo c/o Malleries

So I pretty much gave up and would infrequently pop into my favorite pre-owned sites to browse around. Also, because of the few shopping diets I took this year, my shopping habits had changed and I became overly critical of the quality and value of luxury goods. In addition, we bought our first home and the expenses associated with that definitely helped curb my spending for a few months. Plus it's so fun decorating and improving your first home.

Sleepy eyed this morning, I was browsing the usual morning emails and saw this New Arrival from Malleries.

I clicked and it was love at first sight. I wouldn't call it an impulse purchase, more a "I know what I've been looking for forever and here it finally is" purchase.

So here's the irresistible red lady....a (vintage?) Chanel Mini Classic Flap in lambskin leather from Garo. I like its rectangular rectangular shape vs. the square shape of more recent minis. Soon (when I find the tripod) I will post some outfit pics with this bag.
Photos c/o Garo

I am so glad I waited, as I just know this is exactly what I was looking for. It's not black like all my other Cocos and it will add a pop of color to any plain outfit. Thanks for letting me share my small crossbody search story. Have you ever looked for something for so long that once you find it, you know it's exactly what you've been looking for?

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