Seeing Spots

There's a small window early in the evening when the lighting cooperates for my pics. Because our neighborhood is very "lush" or let's just say, wooded, the shadows do what they do here. Make me spotted. It's splendid.

OUTFIT: I love this dress ($26 on sale) from Spotted Moth, so I snagged it during their 30% sale. This JCrew Factory Chambray shirt is one of my favorites and I was inspired by FabSugar's Knotted Top Feature. Yea, at first you think knotting your shirt is like, soooooo 90's. But I discovered it's sooooo timeless. So let's all tie our tops and be cool together! The necklace is from F21 and I adore it because for once, a necklace is all knotted-up and I don't have to get all "OCD" on it. I remind myself to just put it down- it's supposed to be like that.

SHOP: dress / boots (similar) / tights (my fave!) / top / necklace (similar)

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