Thrifted and Untucked: Happy Friday!

The sun went down and it got chilly quick!!....burrrrrr my legs look a bit blue.  I give credit to the liquid pants that went on after happy hour.

camera phone shot taken by hubby...

What a SUPER WEEK! I worked in Madison, WI Mon-Tues, came back and kicked butt at work, celebrated Cinco de Mayo and ended the week at Happy Hour with my hubs. I am loving life!! The weather has been so nice I decided to dress in my spring goodies.

We took these pictures after a super yummy happy hour...therefore, my skirt did start tucked in, but as you can see, I had to untuck it! I think it still looks fine...who cares anyway?

I am so proud, as a new found thrifter, to say: my skirt (Anthro brand), sweater (J.Crew Brand), and purse are all thrifted!

My necklace is from UO on sale for $9.99. I'm soooo happy with my $1.50 bracelets from F21- they are soooo worth my hard earned 6 quarters!

The top is from Target and I've had it for a few months.

I should've taken a more detailed picture of the purse, but it was $12 at local thrift store- with the tags still attached!

SHOP: skirt: thrifted/ necklace: UO/ bracelets: F21/ top similar: Target/ purse similar + sweater similar: thrifted/ shoes: UO

If I could do some shopping this week I would buy this top from Anthro. Loving it!

I know I am on a mustard obsession right now. Not sure when it will end but thanks for dealing with it! Which color are you loving in your wardrobe currently?

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