Floral Flare

Thanks to blogging, I've slowly incorporated florals into my wardrobe.   I picked up this Anthropologie dress for 1/2 off a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled with the color palette.   If you can't see, there is red, yellow, green, blue, and gray.  I paired this dress with gray accessories- the underdog of colors, because folks usually associate it with being dreary and emo.  Pair gray with floral and you won't see a cloud in sight :)
Oh, and I looooove stretchy elastic belts.  I think you can assume why.

SHOP:  dress Anthro (similar)  /  Belt Anthro (similar)  /  Shoes Chinese Laundry, 2006 (similar)  /  Clutch, Hobo International  /  Necklace Francesca's (similar)


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