I Signed-Up for Birchbox!

As you all know (and if you don't, click here), I started this blog to quit with my daily work-at-home-uniform of yoga pants and borderline homeless clothing.   I've been so inspired by the bloggers out there and have really put forth the effort to look presentable.  Not only has it helped with productivity in the home office, I've learned countless style lessons.

I never intended for this blog to become a beauty review site, but naturally, when I love something I get the urge to share it.  Although I haven't done many beauty posts, they have been the top viewed and searched-for topics from my site. I have to warn you there will be more beauty reviews slowly incorporated into my blog... because I have joined BIRCHBOX!

I would love your feedback regarding my to-be beauty posts and I hope they will be of interest to you.  If you haven't explored the world of Birchbox, click here and let's explore new beauty products together.

And since I'm hosting my first blog giveaway (which I'm super excited about, because I looooove this necklace), I wanted to remind you all to enter:

Ends 12midnight 02/24/12


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