Granola 2 Glam Review: Hana Air from Misikko

If there was one thing that has been on my wish list for oh, let's say, 8+ years, it would be a professional hair dryer such as the Hana Air or a professional hair straightener like the Chi. I've owed several "drug store" hair dryers over the years, such as ConAir and Revlon, which worked fine, but I always envied my hair dresser's super-pro hairdryer.

Thanks to the folks at Misikko, I was given the privilege of reviewing the Hana Air, their top seller professional hair dryer. As you can see from this pics above, it really made a difference! After a few weeks of use, these are my observations:

+ PROS +

  • My drying time was cut down by at least 25%
  • Accurate temperature and air level control
  • Consistent temperature
  • Ease of controls
  • Quality of motor- you can tell the dryer is built with quality
  • Very sturdy feel
  • My hair was smoother and shinier almost immediately
  • The "cool" button is right where my thumb goes, so for the 1st week or so, I kept accidentally pressing it down.
  • A bit heavy. But on the plus side, it's my daily arm workout :-)

Here's another before and after shot:

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