DIY Nude Blingy Manicure With OPI, Martha Stewart Glitter and Gelish

Hi Friends!

It's been awhile since I posted a DIY nail tutorial.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial of this Nude Silver Bling mani.

All products are linked within the tutorial below:

1.   Give yourself or get a standard manicure.

2.   Paint nails with 1 coat of your desired nail color. Here, I used OPI Did You 'Ear Me Van Gogh.

3.   Right after your 2nd coat of nail polish (on each nail), dip or apply with a sponge the silver Martha Stewart Leaf Glitter.

4.   Use a wood stick to press the edges of the foil down. They have a tendency to flip up, which will be a cause for annoyance later.

5.   Then sprinkle the silver glitter, emphasizing most of your coverage on the tips.

6.   Use blowdryer to dry and blow away loose glitter. 

7.   Apply 2 coats of your favorite top coat. I used Gelish Top It Off with a UV Lamp for my top coat.

I'm on day 4 and the manicure is still going strong.  I utilize Gelish top coat all the time with regular nail polish.  The trick is to ensure the polish is completely dry.  If you can, let it dry overnight.  If Gelish is applied to paint that isn't dry, you will find a soft ripply texture, as opposed to the hardened high shine finish.

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