Summer Wedding w/ Ideeli Dress & Bubble Necklace

SHOP:   dress and chain bracelet Ideeli (similar)   |   shoes Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack (similar)   |   necklace ebay   |   bag Little Black Bag   

Effort.   Yes, it took A LOT of it to get ready for our friends' wedding yesterday.  Some bloggers look amazing with little to no effort.  At least they do a good job pulling it off.  I was not born that lucky.  Why does everything seem harder when it's hot in the house?  From wiping sweat off my face so I can put foundation on, to wishing I had naturally voluminous hair to avoid use of the hair dryer, every task becomes 10x harder and falsie lashes just so happen to hate me at the same time.  Nevertheless, I couldn't be happier for our friends L&N that wed yesterday and joined the married folk club.

This purse is from my Little Black Bag from last month.  Have you tried Little Black Bag yet?  After being a member for 2 months, I'm still on the fence about this subscription service.  The concept is cool-- for $49.95 a month, you will receive 3-4 items ranging from cosmetics, accessories, or jewelry worth over $90 retail.  Select your "main" item and the remaining items will be automatically selected based on your style profile.  From there you have an opportunity to "trade" for items you prefer. I'll describe more in an upcoming review, but feel free to browse the selection by clicking the picture below:


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