Bangles and Blah


Since getting wrist-wear inspiration from these lovely bloggers,  I put some effort in finding bracelets that worked for me-- meaning there should be no small clasps, no details that snag clothing, and comfortable enough to type with.  Happy to report I'm slowly acquiring a (budget friendly) collection of these goodies.  If you're in a "blah mood" like I was in today, put on some sparkly stuff and it's an instant mood booster.  It's all about the weird things I look forward to in life.

SHOP:  top vintage Etsy  /  lace cardigan, Jeremy's Berkeley (similar)  /  Jeans Ann Taylor Loft (similar)  /  Shoes Aldo, 2007  /  bag Speedy B Louis Vuitton  /  jewelry vintage, Hautelook, Etsy, JCrew


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