First DIY Gelish Manicure (Shellac type polish)

After my Blingy Chanel Manicure, I was on the search for a Shellac or Gel Polish option that would last longer than 3-4 days.  I know my local nail salon charges at least $30 for a gel polish manicure without any glitter or additional designs.  Thanks to the ladies of TPF Nail Care forum, I was able to find all the supplies needed to try doing this at home.

My total order was less than $80, which will pay for itself after 2-3 DIY manicures.

Helpful links:  
Gelish Color Swatches Thread
Gelish General Knowledge Thread

Although intimidating at first, it was easy to get the hang of and I've already practiced on a few girlfriends.

Here are the supplies I purchased from Amazon:

Note: I follow these steps one (1) hand at a time- rather than alternating between hands.  I find working on one (1) hand all the way through the process avoids many clumsy goof-ups.

First:  Trim, File and prep your nails to remove any cuticles that may be growing on the nail bed.  With rubbing alcohol, remove any excess oils/moisturizers from your nails.

Second:  Apply 1 coat of Foundation Base Gel- cure for 1 min. 

 I wear rubber gloves with the tips cut off to avoid any pre-mature aging


Third:  Apply a thin coat of gel nail color of choice. Cure for 2 mins- repeat for a 2nd coat. I used Gelish Pink Smoothie this time.  If the color seems uneven, don't worry too much, the curing process will level out the color.  

  Fourth:  After curing your last color coat, use an old lip brush to apply desired glitter to the tips or in any pattern you like.

Note: I used Sephora Nail Glitter, but any arts & crafts glitter will do.  In fact, visiting a stationary/ scrap booking store will give you many glitter color options.

Here's a picture of left hand application of glitter:

Here's a picture of right hand application of glitter (a bit harder to capture):

 Fifth:  Apply two (coats) of top coat and cure each for 2 minutes.

Note: the glitter will shift around during top coat application.

Here is the finished look.

Since completing my first DIY Gelish Manicure, I've purchased more colors and look forward to sharing more manicure ideas with you!

Here's my Holiday Nail Project if you'd like to see another glitter concept.


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