Ombré Glitter Bling Gelish Manicure

 I put my "professional" work nails away and gave myself the wildest holiday manicure ever.  I am loooooving my new Gelish goodies purchased from Amazon.  Since trying Sephora nail glitter, I thought, why couldn't I use craft glitter?  So I headed to my local art supply shop and grabbed this monster pack of Martha Stewart glitter for $15 (after 20% sale).

Inspired by this JCrew Sequin skirt (here and here) I attempted the very trendy ombre look and here is the result!  

I was so concentrated on this manicure project, I regret not taking in-process photos.  I will list step by step instructions below, but trust that next time I do this I will take in-process photos to share.

All links below are to the exact products I use.  Again, I follow these steps one (1) hand at a time- rather than alternating between hands. I find working on one (1) hand all the way through the process avoids many clumsy goof-ups.

Step 1:  give yourself a standard manicure- cuticles, file, trim, etc.

Step 2: rub nail beds with rubbing alcohol.  Then apply ph bond.

Step 3:  apply base gel and cure in lamp for 1 minute.

Step 4:  apply thin coat of Vegas Nights- cure for 1 minute.

Step 5:  using an old eyeshadow brush, apply silver* glitter to all fingers.  Then apply gold glitter to all fingers, then copper.  Allow some of the glitter to overlap to create the gradient look illustrated here.

Step 6: apply another coat of Vegas Night over entire nail bed.  At this point, you should have 3 shades of glitter on each nail- cure for 2 minutes.

Step 7:  Apply 2 coats of Top it Off- cure 1 minute each coat.

* the silver I used on my nails is actually NYX Disco Ball #23 glitter from Urban Outfitters.

Thanks for checking out my holiday manicure and let me know if you have any suggestions for my next nail project.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

**UPDATE:  see Day 7 of this manicure here


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