Lessons From a Thrifting Newbie

When I started blogging last year, I started thrifting for the first time in my life. I enjoyed it so much, I found myself thrifting almost every weekend. This skirt ($12) was found at the local Goodwill during my first thrifting trip ever. After getting it altered, it fit perfectly and has forever instilled the value of thrifting in my brain.

When I don't have enough spare time on the weekends, I take my thrifting to Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy:

Dolls and Robots VTG
Sam and Milly
Heirloom Attire
Thrush Vintage
I Love Vintage Stuff
Really Truly
Maggies Farmm
Definitely Different (jewelry)
Adorable You Vintage

I found myself not only embracing thrift shopping, but also vintage jewelry and accessory shopping. Soon I was looking for pre-loved vintage treasures and found some in great condition.

Vintage LV Clutch

Vintage gold chain bracelet

Vintage LV Travel Bag

Vintage Escada Skirt

This navy polka-dot blouse was too cute to pass up. Although not my size, I grabbed it in hopes of selling it on eBay. But then I saw Cori from La Vie Petite (one of my favorite bloggers!) looking for this exact style, so I passed it on to her and it looks fab on her!

And if you're looking for thrifting inspiration, there are a slew of bloggers out there making miracles happen on a dime. One of my favorites, in addition to La Vie Petite (mentioned above). is My Thrifty Closet. Mongs is a super-star thrifter.

Please share some of your favorite thrifting bloggers below- I'd love to follow along and see how they make vintage into "new."


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